Interested in getting Street Fighter V on PC? Or perhaps you already own a copy yourself, considering the game came out yesterday. Either way, this is something you need to know: apparently if your computer isn’t up to snuff, you will get owned.


As explained by Ars Technica, if your computer hardware is only good enough to render the game at 30 FPS for whatever reason (such as having an underpowered graphics card, or an adequate one with the graphics options set too high), a slowdown will appear when the game takes more than 16.6 milliseconds to draw a frame.

This happens because the game shows all frames of animation, regardless of how long it takes for your computer to render them. This happens only during offline matches, and causes a very noticeable slowdown to the game. During online matches, frame skipping comes into effect, removing the slowdown.

Of course, these problems will not affect you if you can already run the game at 60 FPS, as then your computer is rendering enough frames in time to accommodate every frame of animation. As for what hardware you’ll need to match or exceed console quality levels of graphics, Digital Foundry recommends a GeForce GTX 950. Although keep in mind that less powerful graphic cards may also be able to render the game at 60 FPS, albeit at lower graphics settings.

Is your computer powerful enough to run Street Fighter V at 60 FPS? Let us know in the comments!


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