Street Fighter V upcoming changes were leaked and posted on Reddit. Here we go through the major leaks to give you an idea of what to expect when the upcoming Street Fighter V update hits the game.

street fighter v

Street Fighter V leaked updates

Ryu: Throw loops no longer in corner. Normal throw in neutral pushes back further. Back throw in corner pushes back seems further. s.LP s.MP s.LK 3 hit block string no longer works on standing (lk whiffs) because of pushback. Only works on crouching (vs Ryu, maybe other characters is different).

Chun-Li: s.LK hitbox is not disjointed anymore. Hurtbox higher than hitbox ie not OP anti-air anymore. Jump throw strike vulnerable box doesn’t get removed. Piano legs don’t seem different in frames (unsure about damage and range). Only 3 hit light string is now c.LK c.LP s.LK. These only works on standing. c.MK hurt box extends before active frames, hurt box extends further than hitbox.

Nash: Backthrow damage nerfed, was 140 and now 130. Forward dash leaves you closer to tick throw after a light without walking forward, you could infer that throw range was increased. Forward Dash has 2f more recovery. 19 frames now instead of 17 frames. Meaties setups have changes. For example, L Sonic Scythe k/d, dash up cr.MP / b.MK is last frame meaty on quick rise. Another example: L Sonic Scythe k/d, dash up > hits on last frame, becomes +5 ch meaty.

M. Bison: Shadow Axe now combos from S.MP on regular hit as opposed to only on counter hit. No gaps. Psycho Axe and probably Shadow ax knock down in place when an airborne opponent is hit. You can check out the rest on Reddit.


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