The critically acclaimed fighting title, Street Fighter V has done kind of well on PC. The game did face server issues shortly after it was released, but that didn’t stop its fans from buying the game. Well, how would it stop them? Considering the fact that it’s the latest installment in the popular, Street Fighter series.

SteamSpy has updated the game page of Street Fighter V, which showcases that the game has now crossed 100,000 sold copies on PC (Steam). The sale numbers after one week were around 100,609 and after two days, they increased to 106,589 sold copies on PC. Some will say that these numbers are low, but I personally think that they’re good. Though if we compare Street Fighter V first week sale’s with XCOM 2 or Rise of the Tomb Raider sale’s, they’re nothing.

Street Fighter V

XCOM 2 managed to sell more than 500,000 copies on PC in just five days, while Rise of the Tomb Raider also crossed 300,000 sold copies on PC in one week. Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC also managed to beat the total sales of the game on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and proved its worth. XCOM 2 is currently stuck at 672,395 sold copies, while Rise of the Tomb Raider managed to cross 500,000 copies sold as of today. So both games are a success on PC.

Street Fighter V was released on February 16, 2016 for PC and PS4. The game is developed by Dimps and published by Capcom. It is the fifth major installment in the Street Fighter series.

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