Akuma saw the Street Fighter V sales and came back from his vacation in Tekken, welcome home. Akuma is probably the most popular character in the series, so he’s bound to be in every game. We can hope they give Third Strike more love if they’ll keep releasing characters. Here’s hoping for a whole new season next year.

street fighter v

Akuma is the next DLC character added to Street Fighter V

With today’s economy, buying a $400 system and getting a game with a $60 starting price in which you’re going to have to put more money in to get features that should’ve been in the game from the get-go is out of the question. We guess Akuma’s business with Tekken is now finish and came back to Street Fighter V. Or this is an elaborate marketing rose to reinvigorate this game while promoting Tekken 7 and the myth that will become a reality, Tekken X Street Fighter”.

SFxT was basically Street Fighter with an additional Tekken roster. TxSF would be the Tekken fighting system with SF characters. And a while ago there were already rumors around for that variant.

Akuma was always going to be in the game. There is no way they wouldn’t have already planned to put Akuma in the game. Either way, this is a good thing. People want this, and his stage looks sick as hell. We can’t wait and hopefully, we don’t have to wait too far past December. And hopefully, his stage will come bundled with him as opposed to buying Akuma for $6 and then his stage for $2. Everybody’s sick of this overpriced DLC shit.

We think they should bring back more obscure characters, alongside more lovable characters. The idea of Necro and Dhalsim in the same game would be a miracle for us. Heck, even bringing back Twelve and making him good would make our day.


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