We hope Akuma is busted nothing like being a dirty fighter in an honest game. But jokes aside, we hope Akuma can gain some type of special cancels since focus cancels really powered his damage output and virtually made his vortex type gameplay in usf4. We give you our wishlist for all the moves we expect from Akuma in Street Fighter V.

street fighter v

Street Fighter V Akuma wishlist

We’re more interested in Akuma being somewhat punishable but has a lot of mix-ups that could deal huge, if not fatal, amounts of damage. His fireball will most likely be a lot like Ryu and ken in like every game so that’s not much of a change. As for air fireball, we loved usf4 since the mobility allowed an easier time to stay close to your opponent. Now for his V triggers, V trigger might just be a power up or, better yet, it might be his second ultra but that’s a little to much to ask for.

As for his super, we’re actually wanting it to be more of a combo tool instead of being a gimmick. So, overall we’re just hoping our favorite character stays like he has been. Strong, little hard to punish, great normals, high damage and some exploits.

We don’t want another shoto. See what they’ve done with Ken. He is historically a shoto, but in Street Fighter V, he is way more a rush down character than a shoto, and historically, Ibuki don’t have ground projectiles. On the other hand, nobody thinks his demon flip special is coming back because no one has talked about it and it’s old. We want Akuma to have his street fighter alpha demon flip air grab. just imagine the hype it would create. Let us know what kind of moves you want from Akuma.


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