The next DLC character for Street Fighter V is on his way, and it’s Guile. And of course, his classic theme is back as well. The game now has a new trailer focused entirely on Guile and his fabulous, 1990s hairstyle. Have a look at it below.

Street Fighter V

Early in the trailer, Guile makes it clear that he’s not here for chatting much, opening the trailer with “No need for talk, let’s do this.” What we then see for the next minute is Guile pummelling Alex with a variety of attacks, special attacks, combos, V-Trigger and more attacks, all while his glorious theme plays in the background. As for his looks, he has replaced his traditional green tanktop with a studier looking military jacket, and of course, Aviator sunglasses.

Capcom hasn’t yet announced when Guile will be made available in Street Fighter V, but it shouldn’t take too long, now that the trailer has dropped. The DLC containing Guile is expected to go live before the month ends. The DLC is also expected to be free for a limited time, and the associated update will introduce a system to punish online rage quitters. The fancy stage with the fighter jet in the background, seen in the trailer, will also be included in this update.

What do you think of Guile’s inclusion in Street Fighter V? Let us know in the comments below.

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