Street Fighter V is expected to get an update later this month, although it has not yet been confirmed by Capcom. Indeed, considering the game’s recent release and the continued support on part of Capcom, it seems fairly certain that an update might be on its way before the month is out. Here’s what we might expect to see from it.

Street Fighter V

First off, expect character rebalances and new costumes. Street Fighter V will be getting a new character in Alex, and that’s no doubt going to shift things up. We don’t know what changes Capcom will make in this regard, but for instance, Eurogamer has pointed out that R. Mika’s “Passion Rope Throw” is unbalanced and deserving of a nerf.

After Alex, we expect to see a new character in Guile, who has been a staple throughout the series. This is partly because his name was featured in the Season Pass list. Finally, the April update may not even make it in time for April, considering the March update was announced late and ended up released in the final days of the month. Let’s hope we learn about this upcoming update sooner, rather than later.

What changes do you want to see in Street Fighter V? Let us know in the comments below.


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