So dogs are in the lead of a movie, then there are pigs, bats, tigers, snails and now cats. Yeah, Hollywood seems to have gone out of star cast, and now the big news is that a cat has been “approached” to play the lead in a movie titled as “A Street Cat Named Bob”. Isn’t this pretty and the most amazing thing, left out to be showcased in Hollywood.


So now, dogs have gotten a competition as cats are already way too famous on the internet than them and now a movie, that’s something game. The storyline of the movie is still under wraps but that’s not what people are eagerly waiting for. All the audience is eagerly waiting for is a 2-hour show of cats doing cat stuff. That’s entertainment. Bob who is playing himself in the movie is doing talk shows (appearing) and other promotional shows.

But all things aside, the plot, no matter what it says, the segment is totally new and unexplored in a full-fledged way. The best of being a cat is that it is a cat, they are neat, clean, unpredictable, moody, arrogant, foolish at times, crazy at times, and enormously adorable. Whatever they do, is just stuff that proves cuteness has a definition specially written by them.   

More about the movie, the cat character of the movie is carefully created and all dimensions of a cat’s lifestyle are taken under consideration and the director intends to demonstrate emotions, fluffiness, anger, cuteness, wit, spontaneity, and above all, guts to do the most human thing ever which we have to wait and watch. The movie will release on November 18 in the USA.


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