Netflix has baffled fans all around the globe with back to back chilling stories encrypted in perfect cinematography. Stranger Things, one of the biggest hits of Netflix is set its wheels again to rock the roads of success with its Season 2. Digging dipper in the story, Hawkins will see a comeback of Eleven, yeah, and will feature Will Byers as a very active character in the second season.


According to a report drafted by TVline, the question of how Eleven will be returning to the perfectly complicated lives of his friends is not answered but the audience is always in for a surprise. The ending of season one demonstrated the disappearance of Eleven, courtesy Demogorgon. But the Eggo waffle game as in Chief Hopper leaving the favorite snack of Eleven in the woods had sparked the entry of Eleven and twitter has also been a help in airing the rumour that Eleven is set to return.

Well, this was always understood that Eleven cannot disappear or be gone forever as she is the main character of the show but the return of hers is being under question. In the end, in her fight with the evil Demogorgon, she fought bravely till the last breath of energy left inside her. More information about the plot clarifies that the second season will pick the story from the year after Byers disappearance. The origins of Demogorgon shall also be highlighted in this season which is of very much interests of the fans.

About the launch of the second season, early 2017 shall be the premiere time for it. This season has a crazy side to it and we cannot wait to see the craziness.  


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