Actor Steven Yeun, who has won several hearts by playing the character of Glenn in The Walking Dead Season 7, is now ready to take on bigger roles. The Walking Dead Season 7 recently aired an episode which saw the death of Glenn and Abraham. With the character’s role-play coming to an end, it’s only evident that Steven Yeun will take on bigger and more impressive roles. Will he next take on the role of Batman’s Nightwing?


If you have forgotten Nightwing, let’s recall. Nightwing, originally the Robin to Batman, eventually sets out on his own. Dick Grayson, Nightwing’s alter ego met Batman when he was young. Also the leader of Teen Titans, Batman takes him in. Dick Grayson’s history is similar to Batman’s – both witnessed their parents’ murder.

At one point in time, fans began speculating about Steven Yeun’s appearance as Nightwing in Batman vs Superman. Sadly, that never happened. Rumors on the Twitter way back in September this year were enough to get everybody speculating about the actor’s upcoming role. Well, recent reports also hint at the actor being in talks to play his next major role as the Nightwing in Batman. In fact, rumors have gone so far as to claim that the upcoming Nightwing character will have its own HBO show.

But it remains to be seen if producers are actually considering this possibility. Some critics say that Steven Yeun is of South Korean descent and casting him as the Nightwing would probably take the story to a different direction than the original comics version. Fans who are crazy and hopeful about seeing Steven Yeun as the Nightwing have gone the extra mile and created photos of Steven Yeun wearing the spectacular Nightwing costume. One such pic was seen on Instagram.

fan art on Instagram

Will Steven Yeun ever get to play the Nightwing? There’s a high probability that he will. But then again, rumors are rumors. Only time can tell!


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