“Steven Universe” Season 4 spoilers and details about the Season 5 indicate that the four episodes of the series from Season 4 are yet to be aired. And the latest trailer released does not reveal the Season 5 content but rather the details about the pending episodes of the fourth season that is currently on hiatus.

According to itechpost, “Steven Universe” Season 4 will return with its pending episodes from May 8 onwards. Previously fans thought that the promo is showing content for the fifth season. However, now it is clear that they are a part of the Season 4.

Producers Trying To Win Fans Back With ‘Steven Universe’ Season 4  

The source says that the creators, as well as the producers, are trying to win back the fans by coming out with the pending episodes for the show. The 49-second trailer of the four episodes, in a nutshell, covers everything that fans can expect from the “Steven Universe” Season 4 pending episodes.

Steven Universe Season 4

Reports indicate that the creators are exploiting the drama angle and these episodes most probably will be tear-jerkers. The official page of the show enlists the titles of all the four parts that indicate that the upcoming “Steven Universe” Season 4 parts will be explosive.

The story will be all about Steven and Connie visiting the father of the latter. One of the episodes shows how Connie suddenly realizes during the visit how important it is to spend more time with family members occasionally.

Steven Universe Season 4

 ‘The Good Lars’ To Be A Part of ‘Steven Universe’ Season 4

The 23rd episode of the fourth season will also include “The Good Lars.” The cool kids will invite Lars, Sadie, and Steven. This particular episode will be airing on 11 May in which Steven will investigate the case of missing people in the Beach City. During the investigation, Steven will come across a person who is dear to him.

According to Celebeat, there is a huge possibility that “Steven Universe” Season 5 will be the last one. The producers, however, are yet to confirm this news and currently are focusing on attracting viewers with the pending “Steven Universe’ Season 4 episodes.

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