We recently discussed how becoming a multi-planetary species will someday make the difference between survival and extinction for the human race, and how scientists have been working hard to turn interplanetary civilization into a reality. However, if we are to go by a recent statement by eminent physicist and author Stephen Hawking, humanity could have as low as just 100 years to settle on another planet or face an existential threat.

stephen hawking going to space

According to the renowned British scientist, a number of threats including asteroid strikes, climate change, and overpopulation loom on the horizon, indicating that the scientists working on those Mars colonization project should better hurry up. Note that Hawking’s statement, which comes via a new BBC documentary ‘Expedition New Earth’, actually addresses the worst case scenario for the survival of our species. More conservative estimates would generally give humans a lot longer than just 100 years to settle on another planet.

As part of this new documentary, Prof. Hawking and his former student Christophe Galfard will be traveling across the world to shed some perspective on how humans could possibly survive in outer space, the Hindu reports.

The show also attempts to find Britain’s greatest invention on the basis of popular vote. The public has been encouraged to share what innovation they think is the most influential in their lives.

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In April this year, Prof. Hawking prophesied another doomsday scenario for the human race by saying that our aggressive instincts, along with a really fast growth in technology could eventually pave the way for own destruction by way of a nuclear or biological war.