Stellaris is out to fulfill all your space grand strategy needs. It comes from Paradox, the creators of grand strategy masterpieces like the Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron series. But what do you actually need to do to get good at managing an enormous space empire? Here’s what.


#1 Survey with your Science Ships

Surveying with give you location data for new resource nodes and let you discover anomalies, as well as habitable planets that you can then colonize. As soon as the game starts, send out your ships to survey new star systems. You can either set them to Evasive mode, so that they’ll evade hostile systems, or to Passive so that they can survey hostile ships until they get fired on. Of course, you’ll have to step in to make sure you keep them safe in case something bad happens.

#2 Resources, resources, resources

In the early game, you should focus on gathering as many resources as possible. You should try to maintain a ratio of +10 Energy Credit and +30 Mineral Resource at first, but upping your credit surplus is an even better idea. iDigitalTimes recommends having +15 Energy Credit and +25 Mineral Credit.

#3 Make sure you have a military

As in any grand strategy game that involves war, you should always be prepared to defend yourself, even if (and especially if) you are a pacifist player. If you withdraw your military presence from a star system, you shouldn’t be surprised if it slips out of your grasp. Keep those soldiers ready.

Got any more advice for beginners of Stellaris? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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