With new tools, features and functionality, your customizable Steam Store page has been updated to give you even more control over your browsing experience. Below is a look at what’s new in this Steam Discovery Update 2.0.

steam discovery update 2.0
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Steam Discovery Update 2.0 changes things for the better

Quick Access – It now has more direct links to common destinations. Now in the upper-right corner of every game image, you will find a quick menu of options including quick access to your Preferences, allowing you to further customize your Steam shopping experience. Great Deals – This section shows you the featured sales, discounts, as well as recommended specials.

Highlights Section – The new Highlights section shows more information about each game, why it was recommended, and by whom. Plus, this section uses new logic to determine what to show based on your playtime, what your friends recommend, what curators you follow, and more. Friends Activity – Whether it’s a hot new release, joining a special event, or getting back into a game that was recently updated, now it’s easy to tell what your friends are excited about. Explore a personalized mix of products that are new, top-selling, and similar to what you play on Steam. Use the controls on each product page to easily follow, add to wishlist, or mark as not interested.

Popular New Releases, Top Sellers, Upcoming, Specials. Now these lists filter out items you own, as well as tags or titles you’ve marked as ‘not interested’. If you follow Steam Curators, you can now browse their recent reviews on a new Steam Curator home page. Plus, curators can now indicate whether they recommend the game or not, or are simply providing information. The new features and improvements mentioned above are the latest in an effort to continually improve the Steam experience. Let us know your thoughts on the Steam Discovery Update 2.0.


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