With all the hype from State of Decay 2 infecting the internet currently, we thought we’d throw our 2 cents in and bring you guys the 5 biggest changes we wanna see from the original, to State of Decay 2. The original zombie survival/ pen-world RPG was really popular and we expect the same from the new one.

state of decay 2
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State of Decay 2 should add bandits

What we think would be great are neutral factions which can become enemies or allies depending on what actions you take / how you deal with them. We hope they won’t put “generic raiders” because that would be a bit disappointing.

We should be able to order companions

If you don’t feel like going on search runs, just go tell your fellow teammate to do it for you but it’ll cost some influence. They should have it where you can talk to you’re companions. So if you want them to stay put then they’ll do that. Unless you say something like “stay here, if you hear something come over”.

Add the ability to customize your vehicles

We should be able to add armor to our vehicles and some offensive materials as well. This includes stuff like blades, spikes etc. However, putting spikes would be a terrible idea because the zombies would get stuck on your car.

Weather conditions

They should add weather conditions. First, it’s sunny then next it’s cloudy, then next it’s raining. This will spice up the game a bit. It will also add a certain mood to the game that was missing previously.

Add character creation

It’s a co-op game where you will probably be able to play in an open world server or in your own server or on your own. So you will need a character to play with player will will probably be customisable.

Anyways give us your own thoughts about what to expect in State of Decay 2.

  • ian

    i think they should add new freaks (special infected) to make the game more challenging or replace any old ones cause in certain zombie games they implement different ones and also improve on the old ones or infected animals like bears, wolves, stray or feral dogs and also they should have some of the facility’s from lifeline into the game so that their’s more verity of customizing you’r base. also you should be able to put 2 facilities as one like you can put a machine shop with a munitions shop, a medical with a bunkhouse, a cooking area with a dinning area.