Stardew Valley has been selling like hot cakes, and refreshingly, it’s a game that really makes for a lot of advice-sharing. If you’ve got a friend playing the game with you, chances are you’re both exchanging a lot of tips back and forth. If you don’t, we’ve got you covered.


Repair broken fences with wood or stone. If a fence has broken down, approach the broken section, have wood or stone as your currently selected inventory item (depending on your fence type), and use your resource stack to fix it up.

Build yourself a stable. Then, stop by Marnie’s Ranch between 9 am and 5 pm, and buy yourself a horse. This should make for considerably speedier travel.

Lock up your livestock. If you don’t, you put yourself at risk of losing an animal or two or night. Also make sure you talk to your chickens, cows, goats and other animals so that they’re happy. This way, they’ll produce more milk and eggs.

If you see worms, dig. Worms sticking out of the ground are indicators of buried items. You might find something valuable if you dig here!

Don’t put items near water. If an item falls into water, it cannot be recovered, no matter how great a swimmer you are.

Got any more tips and tricks for Stardew Valley? Let us know in the comments below.


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