Former Terran vice admiral and current-infested leader of Stukov’s forces, Alexei Stukov will be joining the ranks as the newest StarCraft 2 commander. Leading forces of infested units and structures, this unorthodox commander is sure to overwhelm foes. Basically, play as a Russian and annihilate your enemy while screaming cyka blyat all the time.

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BlizzCon 2016 update reveals new co-op commander for StarCraft 2

It’s great we get to play Stukov as a commander in Starcraft 2. We wonder if it would be even more awesome if he was in Heroes of the Storm because that would be cool. It seems like the Protoss and Zerg are even now, so the Terrans will be the next to have a commander. And we think it would definitely be Valerian Mengsk with the Warhounds and Predators. Also, it would be cool if the units are Dominion named like in the HotS final mission where the Battlecruisers are named Pride of Augustgrad.

If we had to change one thing, we would have him use infested supply depots instead of overlords. Maybe supply depots that can uproot themselves and walk elsewhere, ala ground-bound Overlords? Level 12 upgrade could give it a spine crawler hat too (along with every other building).

Also, he’s apparently getting his own mission packs to tell his story after LotV, like Nova has at the moment. We would actually love it if many years in the Future, in SC 3, he is one of the main campaign heroes. We know Earth has been hinted many times in the game, maybe if that’s where the story goes, Stukov can have some epic character development putting his Zerg self against his human self morally. Similar to Kerrigan’s story.

Anyways let us know your thoughts about this new StarCraft 2 character in the comments. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates.


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