Jason Lewis, senior environment artist of Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout New Vegas) joined hands with some of the devs at his studio to remake Star Wars in the Unreal Engine 4. Star Wars remastered looks stunning and gorgeous in the Unreal Engine 4 remake. The falcon starship in the game is made of roughly 700,000 triangles! It’s a stunning work of art and that’s what it basically is. However, not having gun-play (but there is a gun in the game if you look hard enough) doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do in an FPS. If you have a beefed up PC that can handle the Unreal Engine 4 at its finest (we recommend around 980 Ti or an AMD equivalent) then you can download the game. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the star wars remastered.

star wars remastered
via level 80

Star Wars Remastered is a stunning work of art

Jason Lewis built Star wars Remastered from scratch to teach himself Unreal Engine 4. When the training wheels were off he found himself devoted full-time to the project. He was soon joined by many others in his studio.

“So our Star Wars scene simply started out as me wanting to build a 3D Millennium Falcon. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I have always wanted to build a CG Falcon, but just never seemed to get around to doing it until now. It started out as a simple 3ds Max model, but then I thought it might be pretty neat to see it run in real-time, and since I had no Unreal 4 experience prior to this, I figured this could be a great project to learn UE4 with, so my goal was to build the most highly detailed real-time Falcon that anyone has ever seen, and I think I have pulled it off, except for maybe the Falcon model from the recent ILM X-Labs VR demo that was at GDC a few months ago.”

We really hope Obsidian Entertainment get to work on the next Fallout installment so we can this talent reflected in an official release. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more Star Wars Remastered news and updates. You can download the full project via google drive. Also, you can go to level 80 to read the full interview with Jason Lewis.


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