The most anticipated Star Wars: Episode 8 is set to release in Dec.2017. But hundreds of theories surrounding the characters of the film are already making rounds on the internet. One such theory says that perhaps Finn is the love child of Princess Leia and Lando. How? Read to know more.

According to Daily Mail, a powerful theory suggests that “Han’s frequent smuggling provided the perfect opportunity for the frequently abandoned Leia to seek comfort elsewhere.” Fans are aware that Princess Leia Organa had a broken marriage with Han Solo. Perhaps, during one such mission Lando Calrissian visits Princess Leia and then onwards they start an affair.

The theory further states that when Leia is pregnant with Lando and her love child, the former realizes that Han will find out after birth that this is not his child. Therefore, Leia lies to Han and says she lost the baby in childbirth while Lando takes the child. This secret love child is none other than Finn!

This is a very interesting theory. Perhaps, Princess Leia Organa’s secret affair with Lando might be the reason why her marriage with Han Solo has been destroyed. Nonetheless, this is just a speculation and nothing is officially revealed yet.

Star Wars
Photo Credit: Facebook/Star Wars Movies

Can Rey Fall In Love With Finn?

Speculations are also rife if Rey and Finn might fall in love in The Last Jedi. But if the above-mentioned theory has some truth then, Rey will be Finn’s half-sister and brother? Asks the aforementioned source in the report.

Star Wars: Episode 8 is set to release in the US on Dec.15 and in the UK on Dec.14, 2017.


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