In today’s interconnected world script leaks is something happening very often. The latest movie that experienced such thing is the upcoming Star Wars Episode 8. The leak was published by a Youtuber Mike Zeroh, with Zeroh claiming the leak came from four different sources, two of them being reliable. Zeroh also mentioned that fans take the leak with a grain of salt, but since the info leaked talks about details that are logical, once you read them, there’s a huge chance the leak is legit. Let’s see what info got leaked.


A leaked line contains a sentence Luke Skywalker is telling to Rey. Luke tells her that she will “rekindle the fire.” Many theories appeared trying to explain the meaning of the sentence.

The script talks about Rey having a huge role to play in the Star Wars universe, which isn’t something unexpected. Further, since the Star Wars 7’s ending showed Rey returning Luke Skywalkers’ lightsaber back to him, many fans think that Rey and Luke are connected, maybe even as a father and daughter. Other theories talk about Rey being Obi-Wan Kenobi’s daughter, but she would have to be a lot older for the theory to work. The line taken from the script could mean Rey will become a Jedi, also something that isn’t very surprising.

The upcoming Episode 8 trailer, which many fans believe will premiere alongside the Rouge One, could be delayed because of the leak. Of course, if we see the trailer being postponed to 2017, and not showed during the release of Rouge One, the chances are that the leaked script is indeed genuine.

Some wild theories talk about Rey could unlock an ancient and long-forgotten Power of the Force, and that Rey could even bring the Jedi Order back. Other theories, which can be described as a bit over-the-top, claim the leak was meant to appear just before the first Star Wars Episode 8 trailer.


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