Star Wars: Episode 8 releases in the Dec.2017. But fans are excited to know what happens to their favourite character Rey and Kylo Ren in this movie. According to star wars expert Mike Zeroh, the fate of these two characters remains unknown in The Last Jedi.

Mike Zeroh in his new video says that a French dubber for the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi has spilled some minor spoilers. As per the spoilers “…apparently at the end of the film, fate of Kylo Ren and Rey will be unknown. This will leave the fans wondering where Rey is going and where Ren is going.”

This drops a hint that perhaps The Last Jedi just like The Force Awakens is wrapping up on a cliffhanger. This might give the starting for Star Wars: Episode 9 which will be without late actress Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia Organa.

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Zeroh further says that there have been some speculations rife that perhaps Ren turns toward the light. While Rey turns toward the dark side of the force!  But according to him, she might be tempted to turn but this appears a non-practical. Another possibility given by Zeroh is that Kylo Ren’s character might turn darker.

In the Star Wars: Episode 7 there has been efforts made to turn Kylo Ren toward the light side of the force. His father Han Solo did give a try but then he ended up getting killed. Ren killed him while fighting with a light saber.

Nonetheless, it has not been officially revealed. Hence fans need to take this information with a pinch of salt. Star Wars: Episode 8 will open in theaters on Dec.15 while Episode 9 releases in 2018.


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