Following Star Wars’ acquisition by Disney, we sure haven’t seen a lot of console games using the Star Wars franchise. Apart from Battlefront, which came out last year, there aren’t a lot of titles out there for Star Wars fans. EA is looking to change that.


GameWatcher reports that EA CFO Blake Jorgensen was at the Media & Telecom Conference at San Francisco, and this is what he had to say: “We’ve got a couple of things up our sleeve that we haven’t talked about yet but you’ll probably see them teased over the next six months.”

We know that the property has already been distributed to EA studios BioWare and Visceral. According to my expert counting, that’s two projects in two studios: which makes sense. The BioWare game would likely be an RPG, perhaps in the vein of Knights of the Old Republic? The Visceral Games project is the more elusive one. Knowing their strengths, we expect an action or shooter game of some sort.

What Star Wars games do you want out of EA? Let us know in the comments below.


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