Dice won’t discharge any more new substance upgrades for Star Wars Battlefront. Since it’s no longer a mystery that Battlefront 2 is underway. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination a major shock. However, at any rate, we now got an official affirmation on it. This is because EA Star Wars tweeted out this. “There are at present no arrangements to add any new substance redesigns to Star Wars Battlefront.”

star wars battlefront rogue one scarif dlc
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Star Wars Battlefront Will Get No New Content Updates

The Battlefront continuation from EA will be out in late 2017. Furthermore, it will have a single-player campaign and substance from more than simply the first set of three courses of events. It ought to have more substance than the previously mentioned 2015 video game. The last DLC pack returned out in December 2016 to support with the Rogue One motion picture. Along these lines, we figure we need to stay with the game. As it could get any update until the continuation is out in the not so distant future.

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