Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Scarif DLC will include space battles and a multi-stage game mode similar to that of the Death Star. According to an article by Entertainment Weekly, we now know what the structure is above Scarif’s atmosphere: it is called the shield gate and we believe it will be a space battle in Battlefront and phase 1 of the new multi-stage game mode. Stay tuned for Star Wars Battlefront “Rogue One Scarif” DLC trailer and multiplayer gameplay when it releases in the coming weeks.

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Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Scarif DLC will have the Shield Gate?

Rogue One co-producer John Swartz spoke with EW about the reason behind the creation of ‘Scarif’:

“You can see the blue sheen surrounding the planet. The shield gate is the security. As Imperial ships and cargo comes through, it punches a hole in the shield so they can pass. Scarif is part of their military industrial complex. It’s not necessarily where the Death Star was constructed, but a lot of military research goes on there. That’s why Krennic spends time there. It’s the site of research, structural engineering, munitions and manufacturing, all rolled into one facility.”

Hopefully, the “forced to fly” is removed. Maybe more ground assault is obvious, but the death star DLC didn’t need the star destroyer section, no matter how nice it looks. A lot of players were disappointed with the Death Star DLC. It felt less like a multistage game mode and more like 1 map split into 3. Had they instead provided three large maps that they then divided into multiple stages, ground, space etc it would have felt more multi-stage.

Even though it’s unlikely, we really wish we could land on the shield gate and go inside of it since it is like a space station. That way, we could have both ground and space combat during that phase of the multi-stage game mode.


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