Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Scarif DLC introduces two new hero characters. Jyn Erso on the side of the rebellion and our new style ‘inspo’ Orson Krennic on the Imperial side. It’s Krennic in particular that we’re excited about. Not least because he wears an excellent cape and can spawn a little goth version of R2 D2.

star wars battlefront rogue one scarif dlc
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Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Scarif DLC has a lot on offer

The new three-phase multiplayer match in Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Scarif DLC, called Infiltration mode, is only inspired by the plot of the Rogue One movie rather than slavishly following it.

Players can take command of the iconic U-wing, featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Jyn Erso’s versatile blaster pistol is called the A180 Blaster Pistol. It’s manufactured to be swiftly reconfigured into a blaster rifle, sniper rifle, or ion launcher. The signature heavy blaster of Orson Krennic is fitted with an energy pack that greatly enhances its stopping power and rate of fire.

New star cards are also introduced. Sonic Imploder: A sound-based hybrid grenade that temporarily blinds enemies, in addition to lowering their armor rating. The Sonic Imploder also damages any enemies in its immediate vicinity. TIE Striker: The Imperials can call in the devastating TIE Striker to make strafing runs on nearby Rebel targets, clearing out heavily fortified enemies. U-Wing: Rebel players can take control of the U-wing’s gunner position to rain down damage on the Imperials as it circles the battlefront from above.


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