Some news has surfaced from the designers of Star Wars Battlefront. This will include some fixes and patches for the heroes in the game as well as for turrets and droids. Let’s first talk about the Heroes first in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Patch.

star wars battlefront patch
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Star Wars Battlefront Patch nerfs and other changes

Basically, if you’re experiencing Lando killing you in one shot, that will be fixed. This comes from a reply to a tweet.

That’s some pretty good news right there regarding Lando. Expect a possible nerf for Bossk as well. Another Twitter user was replied to by Mroz regarding that Hero nerf.

Honestly, to let you know the truth, we haven’t experienced any difficulty with Bossk. However, most people do think he’s too OP in the game so it makes sense to nerf him to appeal to the majority of players.

Looks like there’s going to be some updates to the Vanilla Heroes as well. This will mostly be regarding traits. So, the new heroes have the trait system intact. However, the original Vanilla Heroes don’t so hopefully DICE will add the trait system to them as well.

The Light Saber is a pretty powerful weapon. So, it makes sense that Luke and Darth should be able to one hit the Droids and Turrets. Thankfully, Christian Johannesén thinks the same and said, in a tweet, that he will be tweaking the droid. So, this most probably means another nerf, this time to the Droid.

There has always been a complain that the Droids are too powerful. So, this is a much needed nerf in that department as well.

In other news, Battlefront will soon be available on EA Access so that’s definitely something to look forward to. Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Patch.


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