Star Wars Battlefront just got a new update, and this one adds new content to the game. There no other fixes, such as bug fixing, balance tweaking or any of that: instead, the update does two things explicitly: adding a new survival mission, and a new map.

Star Wars Battlefront

The new map is titled “Survivors of Endor”, and can be played with the Walker Assault, Supremacy and Turning Point game types. Players have described it as having a wide expanse in the middle, high vantage points, secret passages and more. The new survival mission, on the other hand, takes you to Tatooine’s Rebel Depot. It can be played either solo or with local co-op.

Star Wars Battlefront is also prepping for the launch of the Outer Rim expansion for the game, which will be available to those who own the game’s season pass. While there is no concrete release date for it at the moment, it is expected to arrive later this month.

The update is completely free and available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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