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If you’re like us you’re probably wondering what a day and night cycle could bring to the game. Well, that might just be what we get in the next Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Update. DICE lighting engineer commented on this and also gave an update about the weapons in Battlefront. There might be some server changes as well.

star wars battlefront death star update
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Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Update could include a day and night cycle

So, let’s start off with the day and night cycle. We know that Battlefield 1 has really embraced the whole dynamic weather system. We would love to see this in the new Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Update. The lighting lead on Star Wars answered a question by a fan exactly about this. You can look at the tweet below.

This makes a lot of sense of course. Even with Bespin, compared to the Death Star DLC, you have this contrast which seems to be what DICE really wants to offer. But we do think it will be really cool to see a day and night cycle for some of the maps as part of the Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Update.

Weapon changes

A lot of people find the K-16’s primary fire to be really weak. So, we think maybe DICE could give a buff to it. Christian Johannesén, weapon designer at DICE, responded by saying the weapon will be looked at. So, this almost certainly confirms a weapon buff in the Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Update.

He also said that he’ll be looking into the issue of the secondary fire damage in heroes vs vehicles.

Let us know what you think of the Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Update. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates on Battlefront. We also post a lot of helpful guides to help you guys gain that extra edge. Be sure to check those out too.


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