In this Star Wars Battlefront Death Star tips article, we will show you a couple of different tricks. It’s going to be quite a mix of things. Let’s just jump straight into the goodies.

star wars battlefront death star tips
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Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Tips for Bryar Pistol

Firstly, we want to talk about the Bryar Pistol. Most of you probably know that this weapon has a secondary fire capable of one-shotting normal infantry. But exactly how strong is this? Well, the first we tested out was the lock-on. The lock-on isn’t as heavy as Landos Power Blast. However, you can still aim a little bit to the side and hit the enemy. But if we move on to the actual power of this pistol, it’s quite OP.

You can actually two shot AT&Ts if you hit them on their back. This is insane, considering this is the main blaster without any cooldown. The normal blaster or even the primary fire of the Bryar Pistol barely touches the AT&T. Whereas, the secondary fire literally kills it faster than anti-vehicle weapons. You can still kill it with four shots from the front. As for ships, Bryar Pistol can actually one-shot them. So, even though hitting them might be hard, it’s still an option available if you have the chance.

star wars battlefront death star tips
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This weapon absolutely destroys Heroes as well. For Vader, it takes around five or six shots with the secondary fire. This weapon is extremely efficient in Hero’s Hunt but it is pretty hard to hit with it. So, this weapon is technically a replacement of the anti-vehicle guns and useful against heroes as well.

Chewbacca vs AT&AT?

He’s not as powerful against vehicles such as AT&AT as we thought he would be. It’s going to take a lot of shots to take down the AT&AT. Furthermore, there will be a lot of enemies firing at you while you try to take the Behemoth down with your crossbow gun. Chewbacca is certainly the strongest hero against AT&AT. But even he can’t single handily take it down.

If you find Chewy too slow, just spam the jump button. he will cover a lot more distance quicker. This also makes you a harder target to hit.

R2D2 can sprint

We didn’t realize this after playing as R2D2 for a long time. Simply hold down the normal sprint button and you will notice him zip past ground units. He won’t move faster than normal units but this is definitely a sigh of relief, given how you can use this to get him out of intense fire fights.

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Tips TL50 Repeater

If you’re charging up with the secondary fire, you can’t sprint. However, you can roll and use the jet pack while charging. Make sure to use that to dodge enemies as you charge your Repeater.

star wars battlefront death star tips
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Healing Droid trick

This might as well be a glitch. But it’s a useful one. The new Healing Droid can block the shipment from moving any further. All other equipment gets destroyed if you place it in front of the equipment but not the Healing Droid. This is very useful. If placed correctly, it can even avoid enemy fire from the back of the shipment while blocking the shipment simultaneously.

star wars battlefront death star tips
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