In our Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC Rebel Guide, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of the Battle station. Furthermore, we will teach you how to get that flawless trench run to destroy the Death Star. The Battle Station is the most advanced game mode so far. You have 10 minutes for the first two phases and 5 minutes for the last phase. The faster you complete the first two phases, the more time you will have for the last one.

star wars battlefront death star dlc rebel guide
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Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC Rebel Guide – First Phase

As the Rebels, you need to destroy different parts of the Star Destroyer. For this to happen, you need to destroy enemy ships until the meter at the top shows no highlighted ships. Then, you need to destroy the shield generators that are on left and right side of the bridge. After that, destroyer the Tractor Beam below the Star Destroyer. Now the Bridge will be vulnerable. Destroy it to go to the next phase.

There are ship pickups scattered throughout. Pick them up to create AI fighters to help you battle the enemy.

Second Phase

This phase is straightforward. Just get to R2D2 and activate him without dying. If you successfully do that, you will become R2D2. When that happens, try to hang back to prevent R2D2 from being deactivated by enemies. R2D2 has a lot of support abilities such as smoke, stun, and radar scan. Use these effectively.

Third Phase – The Trench Run

Only a few people get selected for the Trench Run. If you do see yourself selected, you will notice shake points appear on the top of the screen. Rebel Pilots have a really big mark on them so they are easily visible. Hence, you need to have some real good maneuverability to avoid enemy fire.

To get an advantage in this, we advise you fly down into the trenches even if you’re not selected. That way, if the Trench pilots die and you are suddenly selected, you will have a significant advantage. And don’t worry about enemy ships crashing into you. At most, you will just bounce away and not get destroyed.

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