You’ve made your way to a galaxy far far away here at MobiPicker. We have some exciting news for you. Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC New Game Mode was revealed. Furthermore, it will spice things up a bit and we’ll tell you how. Looks like Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC will be receiving new game mode droid run and possibly more modes in the near future to make up for focusing on too much flying.

star wars battlefront death star dlc new game mode
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Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC New Game Mode Droid Run

Our favorite developer of Battlefront Dennis Brannvall answered some important fan questions. DICE hasn’t officially announced Droid Run but a tweet from a key developer hinting at something like this is bound to start some waves in the Battlefront community.

The new Death Star DLC has a heavy focus on flying so DICE will obviously introduce a new game mode that explores that further. We can only have speculation over what kind of game mode this will be. However, we know it will have a lot to do with flying. In fact, it could exclusively be just about ship battles (as the name suggests).

We can take Dennis Brannvall’s tweet as pretty much a confirmation at this point. The only thing remaining is the official EA announcement. We are very excited to see this mode as added as well as other modes in the future. The Death Star DLC has received near-universal praise at this point. A lot of people were initially skeptical about the new DLC and thought DICE might not be able to pull it off. Surprisingly, they did it really well. Suffice to say, players will be playing this DLC for a long time. And, with the new game modes added, we expect more people to rally around the DLC and enjoy it even more.

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