Before EA and Dice announced their recent Battlefront game, there seemed to be little hope for fans of the franchise that it would ever return. Since the news had come out that Free Radical Design’s ambitious Star Wars: Battlefront 3 project had been canceled, many fans had given up hope that the series would ever be continued.

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Star Wars Battlefront 3 reminds us how it could’ve been different

While EA’s iteration of Battlefront is a solid game in its own right. We wonder how gaming history would have been different if Star Wars Battlefront 3 had seen the light of day.

The main thing that irritates us is the fact that with the time fame of clone wars a lego game was released just after. And we finally thought we were getting the intricate battlefront we hoped for. Where the legions of clones and storm troopers were specific to the lore, e.g. Sereesh or ryloth. You would play as the 212th or crystophsis and umbara. Or you would play the 501st. But no. Now we have a battlefield reskin. And Disney not caring about the more interesting parts of the series.

Furthermore, we doubt they were fully 99% done with the game when it was canceled. More likely the maps, single player areas, characters, and cutscenes were barely finished. There would have been months of crunch time, polishing all the aspects of the game and optimizing it down. Since one of the big issues with the game was that it was so ambitious. And the hardware of the time had a hard time running it.

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