DICE comments about conquest mode for Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2017. They say there won’t be any conquest mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 won’t have conquest mode

Conquest is the original Battlefront’s staple mode and they’re choosing not to put it in. How stupid is that? And a large majority of the fanbase really want it in there. DICE should listen to the fans on this one. It doesn’t make sense to not have the mode in there. Imagine the Behemoth system in there. Think about it, you’re playing conquest on Battlefront 2. The First Order is losing, all of a sudden, a Star Destroyer comes in and it’s the Resistance’s job to board the Star Destroyer. And blow it up before it rips apart the ground troops. That’d be amazing and it will probably remedy the space combat part, at least for now.

We happen to love this game. But the developers logic for some reason is always so messed up. And it stops them taking the game to the next level. Over the past year, they’ve promised many things and let us down a lot of times. And it really REALLY angers us a lot. To the point where we’ve kinda lost most faith in them.

EA has missed so many other obvious things as well it’s beyond belief. No one can deny the graphics are amazing. But after 2-3 months of it back in December, the fans start to look for more than that. Either the DLC had to have a lot of depth to it and lots of major things, and we mean lots. Or more important things which seem obvious to implement (OBI-WAN KENOBI FOR EXAMPLE).

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