On the off chance that a couple of tweets are to pass by, it would appear that EA is practically prepared to uncover Star Wars Battlefront 2. Well, the second time on the off chance that you tally the primary Star Wars Battlefront 2 discharged in 2005. Randy Evans who is the Senior Video and Media Director/ Editor at DICE tweeted before. He said that he was “headed toward doing some mocap for a major up and coming trailer”.

star wars battlefront 2 release date
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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Be Getting A Reveal Trailer

On the off chance that you take a gander at his Twitter bio it says that he does the trailers for Battlefield, Star Wars, and Mirror’s Edge. And with there being no up and coming to Battlefield or Mirror’s Edge games it would seem that that clarifies his indication. It likewise helps that the tweet additionally utilized the words “methods for the drive”. This makes it significantly more self-evident.

Anticipate that some news will come soon. Yet meanwhile, let us know your contemplations about Star Wars Battlefront 2. And what you’d jump at the chance to find in the game in the remarks segment beneath.

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