Star Wars The Last Jedi has been keeping fans on their toes since the time it was announced. With the recent release of a magnificent, dark and twisted trailer release, the wait for the movie has become more clingy than ever. Since the movie is adored by millions of fans of nearly every geography, they have a habit of noticing every single change in the epic series, which is commendable in every way, as it shows the unbreakable dedication of them towards the series.

One of the recent case, a small change in Kylo Ren’s outlook have brought the director in red light of fans. Few fans who have dissected the trailer frame by frame has pointed out that the infamous scar of Kylo Ren has slightly moved in a different direction on his face.

The scar which Kylo Ren was marked with, was a result of his battle with Rey in the previous franchise of Star Wars, i.e. The Force Awakens has apparently changed its position on the face of the character for which fans have impressively pointed out further questioning the director of the miss-out.

A lot of fans went on Twitter to openly question the director of the series, to which the director replied with a defensive tweet. Since Johnson decided to write only one tweet for clarification has apparently stopped responding to further trolling tweets.

Well, in our opinion, nothing can be concluded whether Johnson is right or it was an internal decision but the “small” change is apparently not small at all. Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases on December 15, 2017. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep up!


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