“Star Wars 8” first teaser will be released in Orlando, Florida on April 14 after the Star Wars Celebration of the The Last Jedi panel takes place on April 13. The trailer will be available to the public at 5:01 pm GMT. However, certain specifics about the upcoming installment have already leaked. Check out the details!

None other than the expert on Star Wars, Mike Zeroh has shared a bit of information regarding “Star Wars 8” upcoming teaser on his YouTube channel. And according to Express, the main focus of this installment will be Canto Bight, the casino planet.

Canto Bight, Force Tree, And Convorees

According to Zeroh, the teaser trailer will reveal wide angled shots of Canto Bight and also the fans will get a peek of the Force Tree. Similarly, there are chances that the fans might get to see convorees in the upcoming “Star Wars 8” trailer.  Convorees is a yellowish bird that was a part of “The Force Awakens” ending.

Star Wars 8

The bird has also featured in the TV series, “Star Wars Rebels.” The teaser of “Star Wars 8” is also predicted to contain twilight shots that were also a part of the beginning of the production teaser. According to Zeroh, the teaser opens with a heavy teal and orange colored backdrop. So, fans can now think of what to expect when they get to see the latest trailer of the eighth installment in few days.

‘Star Wars 9’ Casting May Start In July

Although, right now everyone is waiting for the “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi” to come out, the production team is already gearing up to cast the members for the next installment. According to NME, a leaked casting call notice reveals that the casting for the film might take place sometime in July this year.

The ninth installment of the film will be out on 24 May 2019 whereas “Star Wars 8” is scheduled to release on December 15, 2017.


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