Developers are now basing Star Citizen and their custom technology development on Amazon’s Lumberyard Engine. Lumberyard is very exciting news. And we are thinking this is the new technology Chris talked about happening early in the year that will allow the layered servers to create the single shard universe.


Star Citizen now uses Amazon’s Lumberyard instead of CryEngine 3

It is the same Engine for Star Citizen. Both based on Cryengine. Amazon even paid a HUGE chunk of money to Crytek for licensing the engine. Then placed a good effort on network coding for online games on the engine and put it for free for download on the website. The whole UI front is mostly the same, like Cryengine, they just changed the name.

We find it hilarious how so many people read that letter from the chairmen. And made it to the first spot in the article where it said “Lumberyard”. And they chose that for their newest narrative without reading to the part where they mention that the conversion is already done. So many people are like Kotaku that just want this game to fail and nothing else. It’s funny but also kind of sad really.

There are a lot of people in the community, and in gaming “journalism,” that seem confused over exactly what Lumberyard is. And how CIG’s work fits into it. Star Marine is an alpha 1st build. It’s not going to be silky smooth 60fps for anyone. We have a long way to go and by the chatter on the forums their planning e-sports quality shooter. So, it’s worth being patient with CIG. Because in our opinion, they did an amazing amount of work this last month to bring us something we can actually play and have fun with.

Source: Star Citizen Newsletter


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