According to this week’s Square Enix news, Final Fantasy 15 DLC Update is all set for launch later this month. A new Final Fantasy 7 Remake is also in progress.

The Final Fantasy 15 DLC, Gladiolus was available to play at PAX East 2017 for a brief amount of time. A number of details have been in circles since then on the web about how will it actually play out.

Focusing on Defense and Offence mechanics, Gladiolus offers an In-your-face style play. It’s a lot similar to the ‘Noctis Lucis Caelum’ a popular Final Fantasy character. It also possesses the power to charge up some dominant moves that allow the character to build a rage meter. The Rage meter later helps add a damage multiplier in order to damage the enemies more.

According to Game Informer, the Final Fantasy 15 DLC takes about three hours to complete. Almost all of the bosses in the DLC have a very Dark Souls like feel to them. This remarkable DLC pack is scheduled to release later this month. It will come out with another patch that is designed to offer a number of different changes to the Final Fantasy 15 chapter 13.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Along with the release news of Final Fantasy 15 DLC, the news of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is making waves around the web as well.

According to the Director, Tetsuya Nomura, stated earlier that this re-imagined JRPG will not be featuring any Turn-based battles in the game. Nomura also has talked about the newly surfaced screenshots that show Cloud hiding behind a cover. Here Nomura stated that

In the Story, in situations where you’re sneaking around, you won’t just be able to march down the middle of the path. The original version had random encounters, and such parts were in the realm of imagination, but since this title is seamless and you see the path that you’re infiltrating, I decided it was necessary to the sake of realism. Unlike Final Fantasy 15 where players just controlled Noctis, players will be able to switch between the characters.

In a reply to questions about the enemy positions, Nomura stated that

For Example when there’s an enemy in a position that can’t be reached by cloud’s sword, it’s more effective to switch to Barret. It’s becoming strategic in that way, as well.

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Based on Nomura’s statements and all the developments, a lot of effort is being put into making Final Fantasy 7 Remake a reality. Let’s all hope it comes out true and we’ll be able to see a brilliant remake of one of the best classics of Final Fantasy series.