Jefferies, a trading house at the Wall Street, thinks that the current promotion by Sprint may affect T-Mobile’s subscriber base. The promotion enables Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T users to switch to Sprint, and in return, they get to pay only half of their present monthly bill. Sprint had offered such a 50% off deal one more time earlier, but T-Mobile users were not included in that promotion.


But now that the new offer allows T-Mobile subscribers to take advantage of the 50% discount, Jefferies says that T-Moble could lose 50,000 subscribers to Sprint in the fourth quarter. Therefore, Jefferies’ estimated number of new subscribers that T-Mobile will get in the fourth quarter is now down to 9,00,000 from 9,50,000. According to Jefferies, if Sprint does lure 50,000 T-Mobile users, it would not be due to the attractive campaign but would actually be because T-Mobile was not able to take an action against it.

But that does not mean that T-Mobile is sitting idle. In response to Sprint’s 50% off promotion, T-Mobile offered Sprint users to port to T-Mobile for which the mobile carrier will offer them $200 in credit per line. However, this deal expired yesterday and wasn’t promoted wholeheartedly.

In case you want to switch to Sprint with the 50% deal, then you have time until 7th January, 2016. You will have to trade-in your current phone for a new one from Sprint and the discounted invoice rates will be valid until January, 2018.


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