As you’re probably aware, most of the high-end smartphones have now received Android Marshmallow Updates, and now, letting us know that the over-the-air updating process has come down the ladder, the HTC One M9 has also started receiving the Android 6.0 update. But only if…

htc one m9

You Have Sprint

For now, the update is only available to you if you are carried by Sprint. If you get your network from some other provider, don’t panic. You’ll get an update as well, it’s probably a very short wait from where we are now.

Updating  Your Phone

As Android gets more and more user-friendly, updating your phone is now a piece of cake. You will get notified when an update becomes available, and will be expected to simply tell it “Yes”. If you lose the notification and need to go back to the update page, simply go to Settings -> About Phone -> System Update -> Search For Updates on your HTC One M9 which currently runs Android Lollipop (unless you have flashed your phone, in which case you’re an advanced user).

Things To Keep In Mind

Well, there are two: firstly, you’ll need about a gigabyte of storage in your phone memory in order for the operating system to be downloaded onto your device. If you do not have sufficient storage, you’ll have to end up deleting important files off your device. Secondly, the update process takes time – how much, depends on internet speed and processing power – so be sure to plug in your phone to the charger during the update process.


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