Amid a keynote at DICE Summit 2017, Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann spoke somewhat about the Spider-Man PS4 game. The game is currently in progress at Insomniac Games.

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Spider-Man PS4 Game’s Purpose Is “To Show The World Why Spider-Man Is Awesome”, Insomniac Games

Rosemann discussed the association with Insomniac Games. And how they have a similar story in finding Spider-man as a character. Their motivation is to demonstrate the world why the character is so amazing. And they’re to center their life’s adventure into the game.

Right now Sony Interactive Entertainment did not unveil a discharge window for the game. We saw a look on it in September, after the declaration back at E3 2016. We realize that right now the “greater part” of Insomniac Games is dealing with the title. And it’s the “biggest group constantly” building up the game at the studio. Anyways, we’ll keep you posted.

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