Elon Musk is a visionary and a role model for budding entrepreneurs. When the man behind Tesla’s success, the man who put SpaceX on the global map and the man who strongly believes MBA degrees don’t teach you how to run companies speaks, you got to listen. At least pay attention! Elon Musk predicts that in 10 years from now, driverless cars will become commonplace.

Tesla Model S

Driverless cars to become commonplace

The automotive industry hasn’t progressed at the rate semiconductor industry has. If it did, we would probably be having affordable flying cars by now! But things are changing. And changing for the better. According to Musk, autonomy and artificial intelligence will become mainstream, contributing to the automotive industry in ways we have never experienced before. “I think we will see autonomy and artificial intelligence advance tremendously. My guess is that in probably 10 years it will be very unusual for cars to be built that are not fully autonomous”, said Elon Musk during a discussion at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday.

Tesla engineering driverless cars

Tesla’s cars have caught worldwide attention. Did you ever think electric cars could look so gorgeous? Musk has turned the tables around for clean energy and Tesla is already the world leader when it comes to electric car technology. Tesla cars are already being manufactured with sensor systems that Musk claims can enable full autonomy. The company is yet to roll-out its self-driving cars because it’s dependent on software validation and regulatory approvals.

“The point at which we see autonomy appear will not be the point at which there is a massive societal impact on people because it will take a lot of time to make enough autonomous vehicles to disrupt. So that disruption will take place over about 20 years”, Musk added. Other competitors like Ford also have plans to roll-out autonomous vehicles.

What do you think about Tesla and autonomous cars? Will Tesla be able to deliver on its ambitious goals? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


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