South Park has been in a testing phase, testing the patience of all their fans, but yes, nothing is intentional as there are strings of reasons responsible further fueling the continuity of the dark week. As a result of the episode 9 which had to air on November 23, 2016, got postponed. This is not the first time, the show has postponed its episodes, earlier, fourth episode was moved from October 5 to October 12 and then the seventh episode was postponed within a month.  

Well, the continuation of a dark week is making the wait more difficult but there is nothing to worry, as the episode will now be aired on November 30, 2016, according to a report. Since there is no official statement on the reason of postpone but the delay has made a way for Black Friday and Thanksgiving.


Update on Season 20 Episode 9; Spoilers

Episode 9 earned itself a controversial title due to plenty of reasons. First, the postpone and then the revelation of Skankhunt42 by Kyle as per the reports had delayed the excitement of the fans all over the globe. An epic battle in between father and son is also expected in the ninth episode.

Gerald Broflovski along with the notorious trolls are in the Denmark headquarters and in order to take down Eduardo, he has to rush to the pentagon. With a confirmation on the current situation, the President will try to lead to the military services.

Adding more to the trouble, the oval office, and white house will be stormed by member berries. Well, there is a lot to happen in the upcoming episode of South Park. All we can do is wait.


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