A report from Live Science hinted that a giant bipedal robot made by one South Korea’s company could be a fake, but recent reports show that the machine is real after all.


The hype generated on the web is huge, people from all around the world are amazed by the achievement Korean’s scientists managed to achieve. The project is coordinated by Hankook Mirae Technology, with the robot being in development for years.

The robot looks like it came out from Avatar or Mech Warrior, and is truly an impressive sight. It was constructed with the help of Vitaly Bulgarov, a prominent SFX designer at Hollywood, who worked on many projects such as Robocop, Transformers, and Terminator. The company spent $200 million on the project, with the robot being built for one whole year. It goes by the name of Method-2, is 13-foot (4 meters) tall and weighs 1.5 ton.

A statement from the company chairman, Yang Jin-Ho reads: “Our robot is the world’s first manned bipedal robot and is built to work in extremely hazardous areas where humans cannot go (unprotected).” The robot could be used for building, saving people, working in hazardous environments, doing work humans can’t, etc.


Aside from working on Hollywood movies, Bulgarov also had a part in the design of lots of popular video games. His 3D-modeling work can be seen in Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Diablo. Ghost in The Shell, the upcoming movie based on an anime series, also features models by Bulgarov.

Yang Jin-Ho noted that their huge robot is getting more popular. Yang stated that lots of companies have expressed their interest in the mech. The companies are interested in future models that could be used in real life tasks. And of course, one of the potential uses is military one, using the robot in combat. We hope this marvelous machine will help people, instead of being used for hurting them.


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