Reddit has been spotted spreading a fresh rumour, as a user who refuses to go on record claims to have spoken to a representative of Sony and learnt that the PS4 Virtual Reality Starter Kit is to be priced at around 450 Euros or Dollars, while the head-mounted display would only cost around 300. This is an interesting turn of events given that the release of Oculus Rift is just around the corner.

playstation vr price rumors

The PlayStation VR solution is claimed to be consisting not only of the display but also of an eye camera and a sensor to detect special moves for gameplay. It will also come loaded with a game that is specially designed to simulate Virtual Reality environment, as a trailer of what is to be expected now from Sony.

The arrival of the PlayStation VR solution might strike Microsoft Xbox fans on a bad note, as their developer is still going to wait a handful of years before their long-coveted Hololens is revealed. Even so, the VR kit will have to deal with a number of other solutions available to gamers, such as the HTC Vive and obviously, the Oculus Rift, both of which are set to be released in a few months.

Oculus Rift has been criticised by fans because of its high pricing – that at around 600 dollars – since the pricing implies that only a few rich fans will be able to afford it. Given the low price of the Sony VR kit of only $299, coupled with rumors of a 2.0 version being developed, this might be something that Facebook should worry about.


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