According to reports about Sony’s possible new reveal at E3, it was speculated that Sony will release a new console at the event as well. But nobody knew it would be a PS4 Pro, Slim, Or a Standard one. However, that all seems to have been changed now as the latest leak suggests that Sony is indeed going to release a PS4 console on The E3 and it’s a PS4 Gold Limited Edition console.

The console is a 1TB model and is priced at $249.99. The information came in via two separate leaks both confirming that the console is indeed a Gold PlayStation 4. This particular model of PS4 is about to go on sale at the time of E3 2017.

Another piece of information from a Reddit user suggests that the console is going on sale on June 9th, 2017 in all US-based Target stores. This becomes a credible source as soon after the leak came out, Target listed the PS4 Gold in an advert. The advert further informs that the console will have a 1TB storage and it will be introduced with a new Gold Dual Shock 4 controller.

Sony has yet to announce the new PS4 Gold, Dual Shock 4 Controller or the storage capacity f the console. Based on no information from the tech giant, it is yet unclear that the console will either launch in the US or other regions as well at the same time.

Following is the Target Advert that lists the Gold PS4 console.

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It’s highly likely that Sony will reveal the new PS4 Slim at the E3 next week. The Sony E3 conference is going to be taking place at 6 pm PDT. Other region viewers should follow their time zones and formats. In addition, on the E3, a brand new trailer for the Last of Us 2is also expected. Furthermore, it’s highly likely that the gameplay and details for God of War, Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy, and Spider-Man are also expected to come out on the big event. So, are you ready to watch the full E3 coverage of the New EA Event?