Sony on  Tuesday has announced a new line of Flagship image sensors named Exmor IMX318 that, as per its claims, is one of the most advanced and high-tech specimens to hit the market. Going with the flow of making smartphones smaller and thinner, many companies have compressed the size of their sensors in order to make sure that they fit into a constricted body. However, while the concerned sensor fits this criteria, sony claims that it shall not have the disadvantage of compromising with the quality of the images. sony-inx318-stacked-cmos-exmor-rs-image-sensor

Sony says that the new sensor will pack up to 22.5 mega pixels of data into a very small area, thereby giving the image extreme detail for a smartphone. It is a type 1/2.6 stacked image processor that comes with an auto focus as fast as 0.03 seconds and packs a three dimensional image stabilization technology for video capture. Sony_Xperia_Z5_premium_review_05-752x490

It is said that the image processor will find use in some of the premiere smartphones of the time, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and the iPhone 7 being potential users of the gadget. A common concern among enthusiasts is that because of the small sensor size, not enough light would get into the pixels, leading to bad image capture in conditions of low light. However, sample images released by Sony confirm that in spite of being smaller than the IMG230 that is available now, the new IMG318 has no drop in image quality. This is a promising development as it implies that the image processors would be excellent fits for the latest smartphones that in corporate the 14 nm finFET technology to build ultra-fast and high data and graphics processing ultra-thin mobile phone parts.


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