A fresh controversy has arisen around Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact and the issue in question is the arguable heating up of the device, which is existent for some and non-existent for many. It was only yesterday when we had posted about the Z5 Compact heating problem, and internet went haywire with the news. The phone uses Snapdragon 810 processor, which is known to cause high temperature problems, which has further caused a dent in the image of the Z5 Compact. Prospective buyers are having a tough time deciding whether they should buy the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact or not and whether this heat-up issue is real or just a rumor.

sony xperia z5 premiumSo we at MobiPicker decided to take matters into our hand and dig deep into the issue to find out the truth under it. Though we couldn’t get hold of a Z5 Compact user, we found out a user who bought a Sony Xperia Z5 and read his experiences with the phone that he had posted on Reddit. The user named “shampoo-planet” has explained it all whether he was facing any such heating problems or lag in the touchscreen.

Both the phones are almost similar in many ways, so what happens to the Xperia Z5 should explain the problems of the Xperia Z5 Compact. We have collected the experiences of the user with his phone and we hope this puts the Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 heat-up controversy to rest forever.

Xperia Z5 Does Get Warm

In his experience with his new Xperia Z5, “shampoo-planet” stated that the phone does get a bit warm. The heat becomes noticeable after just a few minutes of 4K video shooting. However, the heat-up was not unbearable; just a bit worrying. Nothing crashed due to the heat and the performance wasn’t affected.

In case you are already wondering whether the user is a fake one, he has already posted the photo of his Xperia Z5 along with his handwritten Reddit username beside it, so that no one questions the authenticity of his experiences.

Phone Might Shut Down If Temperature Rises

The user has said that if you start the camera app while the phone has heated up, it will display a warning saying that the device will shut down if the temperature goes beyond control. However, the user did not experience any shut downs yet, though he is confident that it will happen soon. The heat-up does increase to such an extent that it is worrying, but it is definitely not as uncomfortable as many people on the web are criticizing it to be.

Gaming Results in Heating, Touchscreen Does Not Lag

In an answer to a user’s question about the phone heating up while gaming, “shampoo planet” replied that the phone gets warm but not to such an extent that it is extremely uncomfortable. He said that he had played NFS game for about an hour and he found that the phone was hot, the touch screen was responsive, and there was only some lag inside the game’s menu system.

There was a bit of lag when he was switching between different apps right after closing the game, but it was not anything frustrating.

Shooting 4K For A Long Time Worsens the Heating Problem

Then “shampoo_planet” made a clear statement that the camera was shutting down only after prolonged use. He was able to launch the camera normally even after the phone was hot. He noticed that shooting 4K videos caused the heating problem to worsen, but that too after prolonged usage.

The user explained a scenario where he had shot a 4K video for around 4 minutes and after he was done, he watched the clip and went back to recording a slow motion video of about the same duration. After that, he browsed through the different camera modes like Motiongraph and AR for around 15 minutes. Finally, when he tried to go back to recording 4K videos again, the camera app shut down automatically.

Final Words

So putting it all into a nutshell, the user “shampoo_planet” did experience heating up of the device, but only when playing graphics-intensive games for long and during prolonged usage of the camera app, especially the 4K video mode. He hardly came across any lag in the touch response.

Well, this pretty much clears the scenario that what happened with the Xperia Z5 of this particular user is happening to the Z5 Compact users who are experiencing heat-up issues. We hope that this little effort by the MobiPicker team will help the buyers make a better decision regarding these Sony phones and will clear any doubts that had been left unattended. We thank “shampoo_planet” for sharing his experiences with the world and helping out the fellow buyers.

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