Post launch of Xperia Z2 and Z3 in 2014, there were no signs of any high-end smartphone being released by Sony in 2015. However, the situation seems to change when Z4 was announced for launch in Japan. There were talks in the market that Sony would not be challenging the Samsung, LG or HTC in the high-end category and will only be confined to the other categories.


But that perception was suppressed last week with the proclamation of Xperia Z3+ which is nothing but equivalent of Xperia Z4 announced in Japan. Unlike Xperia Z4 which was launched in a single country at a time, Z3+ will be hitting the shelves in majority of European nations at once. Over and above this, Sony has put its new mean machine on pre-order in the continent of Europe. But there is a sad part to it that, Xperia Z3+ will have much higher price tag of the order of £550 ($836) in the UK and Norway, while in other European nations it is less costlier than the UK.

Z3+ can now be pre-ordered from various retailers in the European nations; we have been able to gather some information on the country wise price listing for our readers as below

Belgium ( and Germany ( at €699 (US$764)

Denmark ( DKK 5,490 (US$808), ProShop – DKK 6,039 (US$889) and Webhallen – DKK 5,595 (US$824) bundled with Sony’s HDR-AZ1 Action Cam)

Finland through Gigantti at €749 (US$819) – bundled with Sony’s HDR-AZ1 Action Cam)

Norway through both and at NOK 6,490 (US$837). Both the websites are bundling it with Sony’s HDR-AZ1 Action Cam

Sweden through Prisjakt at SEK 6,990 (US$762)

United Kingdom — £549.99 (US$836), Clove and Mobile Fun – £549.00 (US$835), Handtec – £545.99 (US$830)