It was just a few days ago when the Xperia Z5 received the Marshmallow update in Turkey. And it seems like Sony will be rolling out the update for all its eligible devices quickly one by one now. A new update for the Sony Xperia M5 and M5 Dual smartphones has been rolled out by Sony today, and sorry for the disappointment, but this isn’t the Marshmallow update.

Sony Xperia M5

The new update is a very minor one and takes up the build number to 30.1.A.1.46 and 30.1.B.1.46 for the Xperia M5 and M5 Dual respectively. This update reportedly comes with bug fixes and nothing more. In case you didn’t know, the previous update was a couple of weeks ago when these two phones received Android 5.1 Lollipop. The Android security patch for January was included in that update, so this new update doesn’t bring anything new to the table apart from some more stability and less issues.

Many users had started reporting an issue with the Xperia M5 late last year; they were repeatedly experiencing automatic shutdown problems. In such cases, the phone would turn on again only when it was connected to the charger using the USB cable. This issue was acknowledged officially by Sony in December, but whether the fix for that problem lies in this new update is still unknown.

About the Marshmallow update for the Xperia M5 and M5 Dual, we think it’s still some weeks to go. The Xperia Z5 Marshmallow update roll out is set for 7th March, so the M5 twins will get the update only at the end of March or April. Anyway, we’ll keep you updated if we find out anything.